Complementary Studies

The Benozzi Method Clinic has modern state-of-the-art equipment to carry out the following studies.

Computerized Visual Field

Useful in the evaluation among others of glaucoma, maculopathies and retinopathies of different etiologies, alterations of the optic nerve and neurological alterations.

Ocular electrophysiology (Electroretinogram, electrooculogram and evoked occipital potentials).

They allow the integral evaluation of the conduction of the visual electrical impulse from the retina to the occipital cortex.

UBM – Ultrabiomicroscopy

Study that allows the ultrasound to evaluate the anterior segment of the eyeball, useful in the control of Glaucoma, pathologies of ciliary body and anterior retina, Uveitis, evaluation of cataracts, among others.

Corneal topography

Useful in the evaluation of corneal curvature for analysis and monitoring of corneal pathologies such as keratoconus, astigmatism, among others.

Corneal pachymetry

Study that allows the evaluation of corneal thickness and refractive alterations, indicated in the follow-up of both corneal pathologies and Glaucoma.

Ocular ultrasound

It allows by ultrasound the evaluation of the eyeball and part of the orbit even in the presence of media opacity.

OCT – Optical Coherence Tomography (macular, optic nerve and anterior chamber)

By means of optical coherence tomography, it allows the evaluation of both the anterior and posterior segments and the retina for different ocular pathologies.

Ocular ecometría

Using ultrasound allows the measurement of the eyeball and its structures. Useful in the control of children and necessary for the evaluation of cataract surgery.

Dry eye test

Functions and measurements of the lacrimal film and ocular surface that allow to identify and treat the different pathologies of the ocular surface

IOP daily curve and provocation test

They allow to evaluate the IOP differences according to the patient’s circumstances. Useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with Glaucoma or risk of suffering it.

Color vision test

It allows the evaluation of color perception through different tests, useful both in macular and neurological and toxicological pathologies.