Método Benozzi®

We offer the widest and most comprehensive range of eye health services, from primary care to highly complex procedures. Our priority is eye care excellence. Método Benozzi® delivers tangible, lasting medical benefits through top quality patient services.

Learn all about the only patented presbyopia drug treatment known as Método Benozzi®.

Our service identity stems from a multidisciplinary approach involving clinical ophthalmologists, researchers, biologists, statisticians, chemists and physicists committed to ongoing collaborative research to better understand eye disease, advance our findings and transform the treatment of presbyopia.

The History of Método Benozzi®.

In the year 1999, The Doctor Jorge Benozzi started to investigate about another way of treating the Presbyopia with no use of glasses or spectacles.
Starting from new premises and challenging what it was already established, he discovered that a drug used by other ophthalmologists which provokes an improvement in the nearby vision, could be the solution for the problem.
It was only necessary to make modifications to the drug’s effect so as not to get far away vision or middle distance vision, worst. Keeping the drug’s effect to see at a near distance, the spectacles could be avoided and a person could comfortably see at all distances. That year he succeeded in obtaining those effects and the results were absolutely amazing. Patients who were treated quitted the use of spectacles and the backwards process effects stopped.
In the year 2003 he associated with the Leon University in Spain in order to pay for the expenses to develop artificial tears and to register them in Europe, being them registered under his name.
The European Patent Office accepted the project and in the year 2009 published the Patent in Europe, which was the origin for granting patents in several countries around the world, included in the United States in the year 2013.
Since 2008, the Doctor Giovanna Benozzi, his daughter, carries on the investigation and diffusion of the treatment, managing to publish the patent in Japan in the year 2015 and recently, in 2019, the patent in Brazil.

¿Can I use Método Benozzi®?

If you want to know if you can benefit from Metodo Benozzi®, make an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation. Unless contraindicated, you will be able to start treatment and restore your near vision right away.